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Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy in the Valley

Release Date: 2014
Directed by: Lee Madsen
91 Minutes
Dark Comedy

Stewart Fox is a pretty much washed up Rock n Roll photographer who seems to think he is extraordinary master of film when in reality he's losing the spark. His fed up wife Donna hires art major Wade Ward to take behind the scenes photographs of Stewart in action with his erotic models for his up and coming autobiography. Poor Wade had no clue that he'd be rubbing Vaseline on Porn Stars coochies to make them shine or cleaning the toilets.

Queenie is one broke ass bitch so she decides to go to Stewart and take it all off for some much needed cash- problem here is that she is not one to normally behave this way. Her morals battle intensely with her at each shoot but what else can she do? It's fast and pays well. Once her clothes comes off the true madness begins. From perverted Socko drooling with a hard on at everything on set trying to cop a feel in any way shape or for.

Stewart has lost all of his artistic abilities amid all the booze and drugs he is ingesting to self medicate his miserableness. Wade seems to bring along some much needed normalcy to this circus of freaks along with his good looks and creativity to boot. Sparks fly between Queenie and Mr. Ward and a relationship tries to bud but she is damaged goods.The work scene becomes tense with tempers flaring and arguments ensue leaving everything basically in jeopardy.

I loved this quirky comedy and Forsythe had me laughing out loud while the always beautiful Tiffany Shepis shines bright as a jaded porn actress who just wants love. It was cool to see her in something other than horror and yes she has the skills to project onto bigger things. I would whole heartedly recommend that you watch this one if you can handle crude humor- Happy in the Valley rocks!

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