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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hysterical Psycho

Release Date: 2014
Directed by: Dan Fogler
78 Minutes

Do you remember those comedy classics such as Balls of Fury or Europa Report from the director Dan Fogler? Well he has mixed up some horror with comedy in his new feature film Hysterical Psycho. A trip to a cabin deep in the woods somewhere in Maine has a group of friends totally psyched for some much needed corrupt hard partying fun. Think they can handle it? 

The first thing they find once inside is a dead lady with a suicide note waiting for them. RV troubles render them stuck there at the creepy cabin trying to amuse themselves. Sara decides to get a shower, after dressing she has the blood squeezed out of her with it  landing everywhere in the bathroom. Everyone is in a state of panic and every damn time the one chick opened her mouth she puked!

The deal here is a hysterical psycho is on the prowl- he's hysterical because he is always pulling of this wheezy giggle as he hunts and maims. I almost wanted to reach in and give the guy a freakin Asthma inhaler so he would stop already. Gilbert Godfried even makes an annoying appearance in the beginning  .

I was not big on this one, I felt it tried to hard to be funny but it did have some great gore near the end. The acting was on point and all the females had a nice set of lungs on them- they could let out the perfect blood curdling scream. It's not a bad watch it just wasn't my thing- I suppose there are plenty of individuals out there that will suck this up.  

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