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Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Tell Tale Heart (Part 1 in trilogy of Tales of Poe)

Release Date: 2014
Directed by: Bart Mastronardi
30 Minutes


The talented Bart Mastronardi has taken a well known story from Mr. Edgar Allan Poe himself
and made it into a modern film adaption. From what I gathered is that there are three volumes in his Tales of Poe and I just delightfully just sampled the first one The Tell Tale Heart. Two of my favorite independent film actors Debbie Rochon and Alan Rowe Kelly star as the main characters so that was a definite plus. Miss Rochon is the narrator and befallen nurse of the film telling us of her wicked ways that landed her in the loony bin at the eccentric Bernice Estates. Told in true Edgar Allan Poe form, the dialogue is told in well spoken and pronounced verses that are from the actual story itself.

I found Tales of Poe intensely creative and Debbi Rochon did an amazing job especially at the end
she was actually frightening! You can definitely pick up the artistic angle in the filming while certain
little sounds and props enhance the viewing pleasure. You feel like you could be a fly on the wall of the room witnessing her complete descent into madness. I love how her portrayal of being fixated on the milky white blind eye of her formerly famous yet hideous patient Peggy Lamarr. I look forward to the next tale with eager curiosity for I am still a huge Poe fan and find the way he used his intriguing words completely and utterly fascinating! Cheers Bart!     


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