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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

No Clowning Around

Release date: 12-28-12
Directed by: Rob Dimension
25 Minutes
Horror short

Think your life is bad at the current moment? Meet Mumbles the alcoholic clown who likes to pass
out pissy drunk in some strangers tub. He jumps out the window hits his clown car and starts for home. He's alter ego Mr. Peepers pops up from the back seat and starts to tear his ass apart with insults and the truth hurts speech- meaning he's a complete loser. Trixie his heroin addict girlfriend
excitedly rushes out to see if he's made any crisp cash today. Even though there was none she
was still all bubbly and promises things will get better.

The drug gets the best of her and poof she's gone. Now separated from his true love, Mumbles completely loses is it! He decides that revenge is in order, well Mr. Peepers actually plants the sordid seed. Lenny the drug dealer has no idea that the normally docile Mumbles is coming for him. All I'll say is that my favorite part of it all was the balloon animal, I am sure this makes me morbid but it was a clever little thing. No Clowning Around shows what people do when they are handed to much for their plate, How it dramatically breaks and there's nothing left. 

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