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Monday, February 3, 2014


Release Date: 2014
Directed by: Billy Samoa Saleebey

FACT: 1 in 10 have tried ecstasy

MDMA was synthesized all the way back in 1912 and was used to suppress one's appetite then faded away until the U.S. Army busted it back out in the 50's. They had plans on using it as a type of truth serum. By the 70's shrinks were prescribing it to patients then the 80's popped up and it ran rampant all over the U.S.- from bars, clubs to Street corners. The Film Rolling tracks along eight ecstasy users and their various experiences.

Some argue that the users of E are just hippies at heart yearning for that lovey dovey feeling while others claim it's a life changing experience - are you up for it? Inspired by actual events Rolling is told in a cross between being a documentary where specific questions are being answered yet has a plot going on within it involving around all eight of them. The characters are likable, laughable and some flat out whacked! 

Some people like myself aren't even interested in the experience but sometimes fate deals you a very shitty hand. One night out I had some scumbag slip it in my drink- was I happy about it? Fuck no- I lost all control of my body vomited for 13 hours and wished I was dead while begging to go to ER. Christ imagine that, girl drowns in her own toilet! In this film though, a girl accidentally ingests it and has a fab time- not always the case.   

Wanna know more about E?  Like how you would act and what you would feel? Just sit back watch in silence and learn the ropes baby. If not, it's still is a fun flick with friends enjoying each other and with corny antics. The group is diverse and includes students, a teacher, lawyers you name it. Don't discriminate- he who wants, shall have no matter how many people they have to call in one night to get it- Roll on...

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