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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog Screening

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Screening Date: Friday, June 12, 2009 Time: 7:30-8:30 pm

Place: Germ Books, 2005 Frankford Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19125

Please join us for an exclusive screening of Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog! Come dressed as your favorite Hammer wielding superhero or Evil League of Evil supervillain and be prepared to sing along. You could even win a prize!

This is presented by the Pennsylvania Browncoats as part of the 2009 Philadelphia Can’t Stop The Serenity events. Suggested donation is $5 with all proceeds going to Equality Now.

Visit this website for more details and directions:

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Can’t Stop the Serenity eventDate: June 27, 2009Time: 7-11 pmPlace: Philadelphia Senior Center, 509 South Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19147
Are you a fan of the critically acclaimed sci-fi series, Firefly and its accompanying movie, Serenity? Or would you like to be??

Please join us for a fun filled evening of special Firefly/Serenity inspired musical guests, Whedonverse quizzo, chances to win fabulous prizes, and of course, a screening of Serenity. Costumes and Firefly/Serenity inspired garb are encouraged. All proceeds benefit Equality Now, an international organization dedicated to supporting gender equality.

Tickets are now available for purchase at the CSTS Philly website.

Currently, presale tickets are $10 each. They will remain so through June 12. ($10 tickets will also be available for sale at our Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog Screening on June 12.)
From June 13-26, presale tickets will be available on the website for $12.50 each.
Tickets purchased at the event on June 27 will be $15 each.

Or for added value, check out our great package deals which combine admission to the CSTS event with shiny souvenir merchandise!

Visit this website for more details and directions:
To learn more about the Pennsylvania Browncoats:

Killing Ariel

Rick is your all around good guy. He goes to his boss’s party and resists the advances of all the beautiful women, and this is the swinging 70’s and his boss even offers him his beautiful wife. He goes home to loving wife and deals with the kids and there misgivings then hops into bed. While he is sleeping a demon sexually attacks him and now he is completely under her spell.

He suddenly has like a midlife crisis and buys a sports car and takes a girl he met named Ariel to his childhood home which he tells his wife is is getting it ready to sell. Really weird things start happening and he keeps having strange nightmares and visions that are causing him to act out making Ariel think he is a complete wacko. He’ll be lying in the bed with her and he’ll glance over and it will be some other woman or even his wife.

Ariel tells him he is just dealing with a guilty conscious and brings him back to bed for another exhausting romp that leaves him drained. He makes his way up to the attic and finds his father’s journal. Reading it he becomes convinced that Ariel is the demon that once took hold of his mother. He hears something and turns around to see the naked man that he remember seeing his mother with as a child and just knows he is evil.

Killing Ariel was confusing and if I didn’t have a synopsis for it I don’t know what I would of thought it was about. That doesn’t mean it was bad, I actually really liked it. The best parts were when he was piecing everything together and one scene imparticular scene with a disembodied head that he brings home with him. Can Rick get his head together and rid himself of the evil clinging demon?

4 outta 5 Slashes

Friday, May 29, 2009

Heart Of Scars- The Autobiography of a Werewolf Hunter by Brian Easton

ISBN #- 978-0-595-42764-2 (pbk)
ISBN #- 978-0-595-71365-3 (cloth)
ISBN #- 978-0-595-87094-3 (ebk)

Published 2007 iUniverse

Sylvester James Logan is back and better than ever when it comes time to hunt down those pesky evil werewolves! There is plenty of action packed scenes to get the blood flowing. This time there are bigger and badder fish to fry and at times you wonder if Logan will be able to continue his mission. Brian Easton is a master storyteller who makes you feel like you are right there within the addictive storyline. The details this man puts into this story is amazing and if Hollywood needs a new inspiration I think we have found it!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


looking for a local New Jersey guy in his early 20s to play the title role in one of the stories for my new cable access show.

The story is “The Incredible Bleeding Man” (a comedy) and the person will have to be OK with being covered in fake blood.

The guy should be an eccentric nutcase. Funny with a personality. UNCONVENTIONAL looking in any way might help. Around 6 feet tall and skinny and able to look insane and like a total mess, yet not intimidating. Maybe a WANNA-BE rock star type, but young enough to still be a bit naive/innocent and unaware what is going on around him. The role requires somebody who has a SPARK in his personality more than being a serious actor. He should have presence.

I am hoping that a singer in a rock band might have a weird funny nephew for the role. Somebody from an eccentric family!

There is no pay as cable access is free, but it will be shown all over NJ and in New York City. Copy will be provided. Please email here if you are interested and fit the role:

To check out a past project from Cheap Jersey Video, go to WWW.CHEAPJV.COM where there is a trailer for “The Drunken Dead Guy”.

John Greff
Cheap Jersey Video, Inc.

RetarDEAD- out on DVD June 2nd!

RetarDEAD is the follow up to the cult classic movie Monsturd from 4321 films. I didn’t have the pleasure of viewing that one but now I am definitely interested. Here at Butte County Institute of Special Education things are about to get shook up a little bit and everyday routine will be a thing of the past. When you see these sorry excuses for people you just think to yourself, “I know your mommy always told you that you were special but she lied!”

Evil Doctor Stern who created the poop man from the last film is now working on another demented side project that involves injecting the Special Ed students with Algernon 9, it’s a project that will make these feeble minded beings into a freakin genius or hyper intelligent. The only problem is there are some serious side effects like brain swelling, cardiac arrest, tumors, cannibilism- they become zombies!

So now Butte County has the locked up zombies escape and people are becoming infected everywhere and the police are trying to stop the madness. To make matters even worse there is a pervert on the loose you know a real weenie wager who they are calling the masturbator since that is exactly what he is doing while spying on people. Can they catch this perp and stop the zombies as well?

RetarDEAD is not a serious movie at all, you will not be scared by it but you might bust your gut laughing at it! Heidi Martinuzzi from makes as cameo as the cowgirl zombie while my boss at Shannon Lark is a living dead girl. It was fun to sit and watch this and see the girls and the movie will certainly become another classic in the horror community!

3 outta 5 slashes!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Damaged Disciples (3D)

Wits'-End Entertainment of Hudson, NH Proudly Presents:

Damaged Disciples (3D)

An anal retentive atheist social worker named Jimmy has just lost his girlfriend to the grave.His situation grows worse once he stumbles upon a secret society of Angel and Demons, blending in with Humans on Earth... Having his life saved by one particular very self serving, sarcastic and self abusive Angel, causes increasingly deadly side effects. The powers that be want to tie up any loose ends and continue to conceal their existence by just executing Jimmy. But Jimmy barters to assist in a Grand Quest in hopes they will cure him. Many temptations and pitfalls emerge as Jimmy now has no choice but help end a war between good and Evil...But which side will he take?

The Movie is shot entirely with Live Actors on Blue Screen, with all atmospheres, foregrounds, backgrounds, CGI creatures, etc... done in post. The look and feel is that of a Dark Graphic Novel. The situations lend to Graphic Horror, SCI-FI, Action, Comedy and Fantasy genres....The final print will be in Anaglyphic 3D and also a 2D version.

Main cast Members: Ryan Roy, Nathaniel Sylva, Edward X. Young, Jamie Fessenden, Lori Siem-Lindgren, Michelle Knotz , Colleen Cohan, Paul Henry and Steven Cambian.

Supporting Actors: Edward A. Young, Robbie Lindgren, Megan Sacco, Nick Kobus, Nikki Casey, Chris Clunnie, Sophia Wong, Jacob Roy. Rob Roy.Visit Movie website for updated info, Behind the scenes clips and progress on production.Website:

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kicking the Dog

Ahhh, to be young again! When beer pong, playing asshole, and trying to get laid were the main priorties in life. You can relive all of these joys just by watching Kicking the Dog. I wasn’t expecting to like this, comedies just aren’t my thing. I had so much fun watching it while remembering my own memories of downing beers and trying to grow up even though it seemed impossible!

Here we have a click of good friends who love to drink beer and try to get laid. Satchum is the guy who seems to lead the pack in discussing old overwhelming embarrassing sexcapades and his girlfriend Julie is just getting sick and tired of hearing them. They are funny to hear but if you were her I think you’d feel the same. His friend Matt is a total pig that will say what needs to be said to get in a girls pants.

Satchum’s other friend Josh is a goofy guy who loves foot jobs and working 8 hours a day at a Porn shop. It is his dream job and loves the fact that he gets 5 free rentals a week and a 25% discount on toys. He spends his time fantasizing about the hot chicks in the videos while trying to get some in real life. You will really get an inside look at what guys really are thinking about girls at this age.

Some girls are really naive at this age and think that if they give up their goods they will get love. What they need to understand is all they are going to get is a reputation of being easy. Also you see that at this age guys are only thinking with one head and that is the one between their legs! Kicking the Dog is a hysterical look at the days in the life of a horny teenager!