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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kicking the Dog

Ahhh, to be young again! When beer pong, playing asshole, and trying to get laid were the main priorties in life. You can relive all of these joys just by watching Kicking the Dog. I wasn’t expecting to like this, comedies just aren’t my thing. I had so much fun watching it while remembering my own memories of downing beers and trying to grow up even though it seemed impossible!

Here we have a click of good friends who love to drink beer and try to get laid. Satchum is the guy who seems to lead the pack in discussing old overwhelming embarrassing sexcapades and his girlfriend Julie is just getting sick and tired of hearing them. They are funny to hear but if you were her I think you’d feel the same. His friend Matt is a total pig that will say what needs to be said to get in a girls pants.

Satchum’s other friend Josh is a goofy guy who loves foot jobs and working 8 hours a day at a Porn shop. It is his dream job and loves the fact that he gets 5 free rentals a week and a 25% discount on toys. He spends his time fantasizing about the hot chicks in the videos while trying to get some in real life. You will really get an inside look at what guys really are thinking about girls at this age.

Some girls are really naive at this age and think that if they give up their goods they will get love. What they need to understand is all they are going to get is a reputation of being easy. Also you see that at this age guys are only thinking with one head and that is the one between their legs! Kicking the Dog is a hysterical look at the days in the life of a horny teenager!

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