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Saturday, May 16, 2009


looking for a local New Jersey guy in his early 20s to play the title role in one of the stories for my new cable access show.

The story is “The Incredible Bleeding Man” (a comedy) and the person will have to be OK with being covered in fake blood.

The guy should be an eccentric nutcase. Funny with a personality. UNCONVENTIONAL looking in any way might help. Around 6 feet tall and skinny and able to look insane and like a total mess, yet not intimidating. Maybe a WANNA-BE rock star type, but young enough to still be a bit naive/innocent and unaware what is going on around him. The role requires somebody who has a SPARK in his personality more than being a serious actor. He should have presence.

I am hoping that a singer in a rock band might have a weird funny nephew for the role. Somebody from an eccentric family!

There is no pay as cable access is free, but it will be shown all over NJ and in New York City. Copy will be provided. Please email here if you are interested and fit the role:

To check out a past project from Cheap Jersey Video, go to WWW.CHEAPJV.COM where there is a trailer for “The Drunken Dead Guy”.

John Greff
Cheap Jersey Video, Inc.

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