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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hearts at Stake- author G.L. Giles

Copyright 2010
ISBN: 978-1- 4535- 8212-1   Softcover edition
Xlibris Coporate
Hearts at Stake by G.L. Giles is a compilation of short stories, lyrics, poems and a few songs that will be used on the next Beltane album. At the very end of the book Giles tells you her personal account of the struggle of losing her weight, but she did it in a way you would of never expected- by becoming a vegetarian. Giles lost over 40 pounds in just three short months. Giles is also a contributor to MetaCreative Magazine and Psychic Times International so you should definitely check those publications out. She is a master at the vampire genre- and what I mean by this is the stories all have some of the typical vampire folklore but she has created many of her own vampire species that are extremely unique and very captivating.

Bleading Lady

76 mins

Directed by Ryan Nicholson 
The super sleazy and shocking horror guru Ryan Nicholson is blasting back onto the scene with Bleading Lady. I'll admit it when I see Nicholson's name I get fucking psyched- he has no limits when it comes to film making which I personally find to be a good thing. The same shit over and over tends to bore a person- ya know?
They story here is how Don is absolutely ecstatic to be chauffeuring his all time favorite Scream Queen  Riversa Red back and forth from her new films set to the place where she is staying. Don is very obsessed with her and if anyone so much as bad mouths her he wont hesitate to smash their face repeatedly against a wooden fence. 
He flatters her constantly and treats her like a goddess while loving the fact that she actually pays him attention with a slight friendship. Now this just feeds fuel to his desires of having Miss. Red all to himself. Little by little Don starts to become more violent and starts snapping on the set and downing everyone except Riversa of course.  
I remember reading about it awhile ago when I was doing the news for and thought it sounded like a flick I could really get into. I thought the part where the are walking thru the dirt into the woods where death is sure to consume them was a tad drawn out but maybe it was like that because I am sure time seems slow when you know your gonna die!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Seeing Heaven

I am unsure of exactly why this films title is Seeing Heaven because even though the character Paul claims the visions he sees during sex are euphoric the view from his head is terrifying to everyone else.What you see is very dark and maybe that's what Paul really enjoys. Looking at him he is a beautiful baby faced blond escort  and you'd think other wise.
One night after leaving a man's room the guy follows him screaming "what did you do to my head?" and starts to royally pound on him- another street hustler named Zhivago comes to the rescue and stops his beating and brings him home. They click and Zhivago sets up a meeting for Paul to meet a man in the porn business so he can make more cash.
Now Paul isn't just trying to survive in that nasty hole of a town his is also searching for his twin brother
and the answers to his past. Now there is plenty of gay sex, pretty boys and and some seedy situations as well so if you can't handle any of the above this isn't for you. But if you have an open mind and no fear of same sex relationships you'll do just fine. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Let Me Die Qietly

DVD January 4th

Poor Mario lives inside his twisted head that gives him the gift- others might call it a curse and I think he'd readily agree. Vision's steadily torture Mario in Director's Mitchell Reichler & Brian Michael Finn's film Let me Die Quietly. Mario is so sensitive to these violent encounters that all it takes is to be at the location it happened, an encounter or even just a slight touch.

Mario has no one but his shrink to talk to about his strange behavior and the Doc doesn't seem like he believes his client to much. Mario meets Gabrielle one day in the elevator and she tells him that she has visions and can always tell when another person possesses the gift. They quickly become friends and he sees her as his only one true confidant that he grows to trust.

Suddenly his visions become stronger and he knows that this murder will occur soon and wants in some way to deparately stop it. Can he? Will he piece together all the clues in time to figure out the who, where, and why? Things in this situation just keep getting trickier and you see what in depth plan that those closest to Mario have set in motion.

Now we watch as the twisted plan starts to unravel and Mario finally gets it- but will he make it to the rescue before the last breath seeps from their dying lips. Do you know who the victim is? Did you see it coming? Mario did and he still chose to try and intervene in a moment that was meant to happen- will the outcome of this be worth it?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fright Flick

Director Israel Luna has added another quirky horror flick under his feathered boa and it doesn't seem like he's apt to quit anytime soon. Now there's some cool gory scenes that are pretty effin cool if you ask me, and you did or you wouldn't reading this review of Fright Flick. Blonds with huge boobs and blood will freely flow across your TV screen.

I have always wanted to be offed in a horror flick, you know it just seems like fun to a fan like me. Well this movie will make you think twice before you give yourself into signing that contract- you just never know what your really getting yourself into. People in the biz are always shifty and shady but here someone is crossing the line and committing murders just like in the script for their film.

Now me, I would of jetted right after the very first person went missing! The Director named Laurent is one eccentric screwball who just always seems to be disgusted. They are filming at Mrs. Sheppard's place and you the viewer sit there and try to figure out who that darn killer is. Could you handle the task at hand? Or will you guess the wrong suspect?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Director Sam Irvin worked with writers Charles Band, John Rheaume, Greg Suddeth, Mark Goldstein, and Peter David on the film Oblivion- and it is one weird ass film. I'm not even sure what category to put it, perhaps a sci fi whacked out Western but you can't say it isn't original or boring. It reminded me of when a doctor prescribed me Trazadone and I had the most vivid wicked dreams.

Of course there are a few crazy critters and creatures in here to feast your peeps on as well! An alien lizard like dude named Redeye shows up in town and wants the good ol' sheriff to participate in a draw and only one will be left standing, well it wasn't the sheriff that's for sure. Next, Redeye and his eccentric crew plow thru the place like hell on fire!

What I remember, is reading somewhere was that the Oblivion film series wasn't to well received like all of the other movies- I wasn't too into it either. I guess I was hoping there would be more crazy creatures and maybe some stoner humor that Band is famous for. You can tell he is most definitely a lover of the green queen!