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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hearts at Stake- author G.L. Giles

Copyright 2010
ISBN: 978-1- 4535- 8212-1   Softcover edition
Xlibris Coporate
Hearts at Stake by G.L. Giles is a compilation of short stories, lyrics, poems and a few songs that will be used on the next Beltane album. At the very end of the book Giles tells you her personal account of the struggle of losing her weight, but she did it in a way you would of never expected- by becoming a vegetarian. Giles lost over 40 pounds in just three short months. Giles is also a contributor to MetaCreative Magazine and Psychic Times International so you should definitely check those publications out. She is a master at the vampire genre- and what I mean by this is the stories all have some of the typical vampire folklore but she has created many of her own vampire species that are extremely unique and very captivating.

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