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Monday, January 17, 2011

Let Me Die Qietly

DVD January 4th

Poor Mario lives inside his twisted head that gives him the gift- others might call it a curse and I think he'd readily agree. Vision's steadily torture Mario in Director's Mitchell Reichler & Brian Michael Finn's film Let me Die Quietly. Mario is so sensitive to these violent encounters that all it takes is to be at the location it happened, an encounter or even just a slight touch.

Mario has no one but his shrink to talk to about his strange behavior and the Doc doesn't seem like he believes his client to much. Mario meets Gabrielle one day in the elevator and she tells him that she has visions and can always tell when another person possesses the gift. They quickly become friends and he sees her as his only one true confidant that he grows to trust.

Suddenly his visions become stronger and he knows that this murder will occur soon and wants in some way to deparately stop it. Can he? Will he piece together all the clues in time to figure out the who, where, and why? Things in this situation just keep getting trickier and you see what in depth plan that those closest to Mario have set in motion.

Now we watch as the twisted plan starts to unravel and Mario finally gets it- but will he make it to the rescue before the last breath seeps from their dying lips. Do you know who the victim is? Did you see it coming? Mario did and he still chose to try and intervene in a moment that was meant to happen- will the outcome of this be worth it?

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