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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fright Flick

Director Israel Luna has added another quirky horror flick under his feathered boa and it doesn't seem like he's apt to quit anytime soon. Now there's some cool gory scenes that are pretty effin cool if you ask me, and you did or you wouldn't reading this review of Fright Flick. Blonds with huge boobs and blood will freely flow across your TV screen.

I have always wanted to be offed in a horror flick, you know it just seems like fun to a fan like me. Well this movie will make you think twice before you give yourself into signing that contract- you just never know what your really getting yourself into. People in the biz are always shifty and shady but here someone is crossing the line and committing murders just like in the script for their film.

Now me, I would of jetted right after the very first person went missing! The Director named Laurent is one eccentric screwball who just always seems to be disgusted. They are filming at Mrs. Sheppard's place and you the viewer sit there and try to figure out who that darn killer is. Could you handle the task at hand? Or will you guess the wrong suspect?

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