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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Seeing Heaven

I am unsure of exactly why this films title is Seeing Heaven because even though the character Paul claims the visions he sees during sex are euphoric the view from his head is terrifying to everyone else.What you see is very dark and maybe that's what Paul really enjoys. Looking at him he is a beautiful baby faced blond escort  and you'd think other wise.
One night after leaving a man's room the guy follows him screaming "what did you do to my head?" and starts to royally pound on him- another street hustler named Zhivago comes to the rescue and stops his beating and brings him home. They click and Zhivago sets up a meeting for Paul to meet a man in the porn business so he can make more cash.
Now Paul isn't just trying to survive in that nasty hole of a town his is also searching for his twin brother
and the answers to his past. Now there is plenty of gay sex, pretty boys and and some seedy situations as well so if you can't handle any of the above this isn't for you. But if you have an open mind and no fear of same sex relationships you'll do just fine. 

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