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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Director Sam Irvin worked with writers Charles Band, John Rheaume, Greg Suddeth, Mark Goldstein, and Peter David on the film Oblivion- and it is one weird ass film. I'm not even sure what category to put it, perhaps a sci fi whacked out Western but you can't say it isn't original or boring. It reminded me of when a doctor prescribed me Trazadone and I had the most vivid wicked dreams.

Of course there are a few crazy critters and creatures in here to feast your peeps on as well! An alien lizard like dude named Redeye shows up in town and wants the good ol' sheriff to participate in a draw and only one will be left standing, well it wasn't the sheriff that's for sure. Next, Redeye and his eccentric crew plow thru the place like hell on fire!

What I remember, is reading somewhere was that the Oblivion film series wasn't to well received like all of the other movies- I wasn't too into it either. I guess I was hoping there would be more crazy creatures and maybe some stoner humor that Band is famous for. You can tell he is most definitely a lover of the green queen!

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