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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Release date- January 11th

Legion: The Final Exorcism is a trippy surreal look at the eerie and chilling world of demonic possession. It might not be done on a Hollywood budget but the flick is genuinely creepy and might even give you a nightmare or two. All of the elements collide leaving you with some pretty good acting and some even better scares!

Tatiana's Mother Catherine calls in Father Michael Sanchica, the demon hunter for help when nothing else seems to be working. Michael has had these special visions and dreams all of his life and when he goes anywhere a demon has been or any traumatic experience, he feels it. Flashbacks then come and it's almost like he is reliving the horrifying moment.

He arrives at the house and sees in his mind all the demonic activity within Tatiana and the house itself. You see, there is more than one demon involved in this case and the main one is very strong. Father Michael has been on many cases but this particular one could be the one to end his existence and Tatiana's as well. Will his heartfelt faith in God help him?

I'll admit when it first started I was very skeptical of the talking pig, until things were explained and it then became apparent and quite original with it's use of the animals. It sounds like it would be corny but it wasn't. I think anyone who is into demonic possession would be sucked into this one with ease. Legion: The Final Exorcism is surely a treat you don't wanna miss!

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