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Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Tale of a Voodoo Prostitute

Label: Brain Damage Films
75 Minutes
Directed by: Charles Richard Buchanan
Released: June 5, 2012
The Tale of a Voodoo Prostitute has to be one of the most boring movies I have ever scene I just could not get myself fully into it at any time within the film. I hate writing mean reviews but I'm not going to lie and say I found it to be entertaining...not one bit for me! The whole story just didn't appeal to me.
Fleetwood Deville is a total manipulator,hustler, and he manages to screw over virtually everyone that crosses his path. I could not stand this particular character he rubbed me the wrong and seemed to over exaggerate his demeanor which just seemed to make him, well almost silly.
No one that works for him seems to last long- I guess if he doesn't like you or tires of you be prepared for a bullet in the head. The voodoo prostitute just seemed to be thrown in there for some extra creativity on their part but I actually would of enjoyed it more if that was cut....
I just don't want some poor boy working his ass off mowing the lawn in a hundred degree heat to walk in read the title, see prostitute and blow all that hard earned cash hoping for some seedy scenes. I would love to say this was a great flick, but to me it was just hokey and a waste of time...sorry guys!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Shades of a Killer

Label: Brain Damage Films
91 minutes
Directed by: Kemal Yildirim
Released March 6, 2012
With a tricky skill learned at an early age, Jaan is a hit man who is as quiet as a mouse and completely ruthless with his targets. He can slice and dice with the best of them but still manages to fall hard with his heart when it comes to women. Christ, I couldn't be with him I'd be afraid of pissing him off!

Now all grown up he is in this elite assassin force and has to face his worse enemies in order to save the two people that mean the most to him in this world and not fighting for them is not an option. This man will fight to the death to get what he wants and had endured a very dark past that seems to haunt him at times in order to get here..

Shades of a Killer has to be about 80 percent action and 20 percent drama. If you are into the Martial Arts scene or just enjoy watching people skirt their way around fists and feet- you will enjoy this title to no end. Can Jaan manage to outsmart all of his pursuitors and obstacles? Check it out and tell me if you think he could actually do it....