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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Back to the Beyond

Who doesn't love a good ghost story? I will admit they are some of my favorites to review, definitely over zombies that's for sure. Back to the Beyond has a team of paranormal investigators that head out to a house that is rumored to be haunted and the owners life's are falling apart because of it.

The past of the house concerns a jealous husband and his wife Elsbeth. The Captain came home from sea and found another man at the house and lost it. Flying into a rage he kills them both and then hangs himself in the attic with the same rope he used on his ship. As the team waits to board the ferry Juliann's sister Jasmine refuses to go.

They all arrive at the house and find one of Cassandras students tied to a chair in the basement. Soon they all receive a visit from the ominous Captain searching for his dear Elsbeth so he can teach her a lesson again and again! So will this team be able to live to tell the tale and show their data? Or are they shark bait?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011



Product Description
Blood From the Underground is an anthology consisting of all stories found in the annual downloads in parts I, II, and III.

Authors that will be found in this anthology: G.L Giles, James Patrick Riser, Elizadeth Hetherington, David Dunwoody, BellaDonna Drakul, Edwin Ong, Josh Felty, Eric Enck, Reaper M. Jones, Daniel Emery Taylor, Vance Hetherington, Josh Loomis, Nenad Stakic, Jerry Williams, Robert Freese, Jessica Lee, Dave Wolff, Kristin Theckston, and Lucas McPherson.

Infernal Dreams presents Blood From the Underground as a proud collective of unique and outstanding stories from various authors and artists of horror. There are twenty-four stories with varying subjects and graphic content.



Sunday, August 21, 2011

'Caesar and Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre

Chamber) and Paul Chomicki star as the title halfwit half brothers. They are joined by cult stars, Brinke Stevens, Joe Estevez, CKY lead singer Deron Miller. The movie also stars Felissa Rose in a role that lampoons her performance as a transgender killer in the original "Sleepaway Camp".

"If Harry and Lloyd from 'Dumb and Dumber' happened upon 'Sleepaway Camp,' you'd essentially get 'Caesar and Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre,' a comedy horror that succeeds in pulling delivering raucous laughs" says Film Threat’s Felix Vasquez Jr. It has been called "funny and unashamed" by Dread Central, and "like Abbott and Costello meets something from the Troma vault" by

This indie comedy received acclaim at the 2009 Fright Night Film Festival, and a best editing award at the same year’s Long Island Film Festival.

The DVD contains over six hours of content, including:

* three commentaries

* several featurettes and

* a bonus short sequel, "Caesar & Otto Meet Dracula’s Lawyer" which features cameos from Lloyd Kaufman, Debbie Rochon, Paul Ehlers (Madman), Desiree Gould (Sleepaway Camp) and Robert Lee Oliver (star of Flesh Eating Mothers).

Director Campfield is currently in post production on "Caesar & Otto’s Deadly Xmas". The feature length sequel send up of the Christmas slasher subgenre features an appearance from Silent Night, Deadly Night ‘s Linnea Quigley.

"Caesar and Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre" is currently available for pre-order at most on-line DVD retailers.



Sunday, August 14, 2011

Vs. the Dead

Danny Druker and his two friends Dee and Woody are downing beers at the local pizza joint where they annoy the hell out of its owner. They tell him if he gets a tattoo of this skull they drew up, they'll leave and never return to irk the shit out of him- the man couldn't get out of the shop fast enough to hit that parlor!

A deadly virus round 2 ends up in the small Canadian City and at the tattoo shop where patrons will be in for a nasty zombified surprise. So after getting inked up he returns to the shop and looks horrible. Next thing you know there's one groody changing and the pizza shop is covered in body splatter!

Basically most of the film takes place inside the pizza place, it's the whole one infects the next one sort of thing- one bite and you are a goner. Dee is creepy looking in himself so once he gets that virus, he's enough to make your skin crawl. The boys and worker Marcus sit him at a table with a rag around his neck...are you serious?

Is it another independently made zombie flick...yes. Do we really need another one... no! Can you deal with yet another one? If you are into checking out these crazy flesh biters- this is one you'll enjoy with it's tons of blood, crude humor, and some serious fucking epic slayings! I did like how it spread thru getting inked!

Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver

Release date- Sept 14th
Directed by- William Butler and Silvia St. Croix

Run as fast as you can cause here comes the perverted and murderous gingerdead man. Yup he's back in Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver and he's been thrown back to the year 1976. He finds himself at the roller rink with dancing skates everywhere and a need to kill in the corniest ways possible.

So there's a roller boogie going on and a contest for a queen. Jeffrey and Tammy are usually each years winners and she is expecting that crown. Kooky Aunt Nancy owns the joint and tells Randy that her niece Cherry is not allowed to skate and of course they do. Cherry thinks she keeps seeing a gingerbread man but it just seems too crazy for her.

Watching you'll see parts that mock Silence of the lambs and Stephen King's Carrie- those are kind of humorous but this movie was not a prime contender for a good watch. I usually love all the weird puppets but even those couldn't save this one. If you are a fan of the gingerdead man you might get thru it.

Can the kids figure out that this baked bitch needs to get sent back to his own time so they can toast his ass? Or will a rink full of skating fools all end up in a big red puddle? Sometimes some things are better left alone and unfortunately this film slides swiftly into that same category.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Evil Bong 3 The Wrath of Bong

Just when you thought the guys couldn't get in another situation as kooky as the last- your proven wrong...again! A man finds a pot pod of sorts and presses a button releasing Alien Bong which he runs to sell at the clinic/head shop. They buy it and Bachman can't wait to fire it up in this new out out of site alien bong.!

Alistar is wandering thru the forest when he comes across it and thinks is a meteor and starts taking readings. Suddenly he realizes it's made of pot and then Larnell dressed as a ninja comes chopping out of the bushes.They decide to go see Bachman at his marijuana clinic with some prime samples of course

So he tries the alien weed and starts growing fuzz afterwords he is sucked inside of the bong and has four multi colored women standing topless before him. They want, seed and will drain him if neccessary. The guys enlist the help of Eebee the foul mouthed bong who I love very, very much for help.

The theatrical version that is being shown in select towns will be in 3D and in groovy Sniff-o-Rama. If your not a stoner I don't think you'll even wanna try it- and if you are, it's an ok watch but doesn't hold as much charm as the first two flicks in this series. It said at the end that the next would have a killa' crack pipe- will you watch it?

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Coffin

Release date: 8/30/2011

84 Minutes
Directed by: Ekachai Uekrongtham
Not Rated

Ekachai Uekrongtham's film The Coffin was a smash hit over in Thailand and is actually based on a real life ritual that is practiced. Part of the movie was shot on Ancient Thai spiritual grounds and that in itself could be creepy enough for most of the various timid viewers sitting around out there.
Su was devastated to find out she has lung cancer and only a few days before her wedding. This should be a happy time- who could even begin to function after learning that? Then there is Chris, a complete stranger whose girlfriend has fallen into a sudden deep coma. They both travel to the place where the ritual is performed with hopes of a changed future.

The ritual has the living person lying in a coffin in order for them to reverse the bad karma- both take part in a mass ritual and soon their lives have turned over, with the cancer gone and Chris's love wakes up from that deep slumber. The trick here is there is always a price to pay... with everything!

The people around these two might just be the ones hurt instead. The film casts a dark eerie setting with beautiful vivid scenes that dance before your eyes. Would you dare take part in a ritual that could help your luck but create bad for others? If you see the freaky paranormal events that occur, you might just change your mind to that prior question.