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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Blood Fare

Directed by: J.A. Steel
86 Minutes

J.A. Steel's Blood Fare stars Gil Gerard, and April Knight and has all the Special Makeup FX
done by the talented Chris Hanson (HELLBOY). Corporal Henry Trout fought like a hero in the almost completely forgotten battle of the Lethe Confluence during the Civil War in 1861. Now it's 2011 and  he will come face to face with his own blood, will he kill them like the rest?

Tyler and her brother Chad, are actually Henry's fifth generation grandchildren who study History in college. The town legend has the fearful Charon the Ferryman who when you pass over you must give a coin or you aren't going anywhere. The Land was once all battleground but now the town wants mini malls and parking lots- the ghosts are becoming restless .  

The woods is alive with spirits of the soldiers who fought and lost their lives trying to save what was once theirs. Chad's camping Trip with his sister and friends is cut short as the blood starts to flow. As the lines between the living and the dead become thinner and thinner the gang must try to escape their certain fates from Corporal Henry Trout.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Home Invasion

Release Date: 12/3/2013
Directed by: Doug Campbell
90 Minutes
Drama/made for TV movie

Doug Campbell's Home Invasion stars Haylie Duff who in my opinion is just straight up annoying,
but I gave the film a chance any way. Story goes as follows, a robbery at a well to do home
goes wrong and leaves Jade's boyfriend Will dead. She is hell bent on revenge and will stop at
nothing to get it.    

Nicole is right in the middle of an adoption process when all of this occurs so things start to
look not so good in the social workers eye's. First Nicole's Restaurant is closed down  when
many people come down with food poisoning, then someone decides to torch the place and
of course the cops think she did it herself.

Now Nicole is battered and broken with Jade posing as her friend all the while setting her up for fall after fall. I just feel that with a drama packed storyline there should be some suspense to get you
going but this had none- it's all obvious and in your face, just not exciting. You can't even blame it on it being a TV movie because I have honestly seen some good ones....

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Release date: 2012
Directed by: Neil Jones

Friends can be like a gift from God or a friggin curse from Hell! Gabby is a prissy little rich girl
who gathers her three friends up and heads out to a huge beautiful house to party her last moments
of being single. She nabbed a man with a huge bank account Michael. Well dinner brings some
revelations about her friends and Michael that thankfully Gabby doesn't hear about it...

A knock on the door brings a male stripper and an awful mishap leaves bleach blonde Gabby lying on the floor bloody. Now what the hell are they to do but start confessing all of their fuck ups towards her to each other. It's your typical girls stabs another in the back all the while still smiling that sickeningly sweet smirk in the others face.  

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy an accent and find some sexy even but the main character's was so heavy
at time's I honestly struggled to understand what she was saying. She was trying but it was like each
word she spoke was violently spit out. I think that was my major gripe about the film because no
one want's to have to try to decipher sounds to get at what someone is saying.  

It's hard to get into a movie that just doesn't deliver the goods- they lead you to believe that bigger
are coming, they just never show up. The plot was even somewhat lame trying to lead you into directions that don't even exist. You'll sit there thinking  "Well it was another case of the box cover art being more interesting then the film itself."

Friday, November 15, 2013


Release Date:12/17/2013
Directed by: Benjamin Gourley
96 minutes

Poor shy introverted Leon was just dumped by his girlfriend/fiancee' Jacki and really needs to move on and get over it already. His best Bud, T.J. who is played by my teenage crush Mr. Jason Mewes, is determined to help him quickly along on that journey. It's really fun to watch him throw these little temper fits where you just can't help but laugh.

Leon an T.J. repo car's for a living and have the craziest methods of achieving their goals. The boys are best buds but yet so different -T.J. masterminds this plan to steal back all the cars they have ever repossessed and resell them. They'd make quick cash for sure...right? Throw in the crazy chick Timmy who is completely turned on by the whole car stealing thing and it's chaos.

Repo has a few corny moments that will give you a genuine laugh or two but the film was very generic. The kooky guy Maximo who was obviously supposed to be comical gave me the heebie jeebies and totally skeeved me the hell out-  I don't know maybe it was that nasty Speedo he sports thru out the whole flick?