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Friday, November 15, 2013


Release Date:12/17/2013
Directed by: Benjamin Gourley
96 minutes

Poor shy introverted Leon was just dumped by his girlfriend/fiancee' Jacki and really needs to move on and get over it already. His best Bud, T.J. who is played by my teenage crush Mr. Jason Mewes, is determined to help him quickly along on that journey. It's really fun to watch him throw these little temper fits where you just can't help but laugh.

Leon an T.J. repo car's for a living and have the craziest methods of achieving their goals. The boys are best buds but yet so different -T.J. masterminds this plan to steal back all the cars they have ever repossessed and resell them. They'd make quick cash for sure...right? Throw in the crazy chick Timmy who is completely turned on by the whole car stealing thing and it's chaos.

Repo has a few corny moments that will give you a genuine laugh or two but the film was very generic. The kooky guy Maximo who was obviously supposed to be comical gave me the heebie jeebies and totally skeeved me the hell out-  I don't know maybe it was that nasty Speedo he sports thru out the whole flick?  

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