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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Home Invasion

Release Date: 12/3/2013
Directed by: Doug Campbell
90 Minutes
Drama/made for TV movie

Doug Campbell's Home Invasion stars Haylie Duff who in my opinion is just straight up annoying,
but I gave the film a chance any way. Story goes as follows, a robbery at a well to do home
goes wrong and leaves Jade's boyfriend Will dead. She is hell bent on revenge and will stop at
nothing to get it.    

Nicole is right in the middle of an adoption process when all of this occurs so things start to
look not so good in the social workers eye's. First Nicole's Restaurant is closed down  when
many people come down with food poisoning, then someone decides to torch the place and
of course the cops think she did it herself.

Now Nicole is battered and broken with Jade posing as her friend all the while setting her up for fall after fall. I just feel that with a drama packed storyline there should be some suspense to get you
going but this had none- it's all obvious and in your face, just not exciting. You can't even blame it on it being a TV movie because I have honestly seen some good ones....

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