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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Blood Fare

Directed by: J.A. Steel
86 Minutes

J.A. Steel's Blood Fare stars Gil Gerard, and April Knight and has all the Special Makeup FX
done by the talented Chris Hanson (HELLBOY). Corporal Henry Trout fought like a hero in the almost completely forgotten battle of the Lethe Confluence during the Civil War in 1861. Now it's 2011 and  he will come face to face with his own blood, will he kill them like the rest?

Tyler and her brother Chad, are actually Henry's fifth generation grandchildren who study History in college. The town legend has the fearful Charon the Ferryman who when you pass over you must give a coin or you aren't going anywhere. The Land was once all battleground but now the town wants mini malls and parking lots- the ghosts are becoming restless .  

The woods is alive with spirits of the soldiers who fought and lost their lives trying to save what was once theirs. Chad's camping Trip with his sister and friends is cut short as the blood starts to flow. As the lines between the living and the dead become thinner and thinner the gang must try to escape their certain fates from Corporal Henry Trout.

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