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Monday, June 21, 2010


You always hear of all the horrors that happen within those terrifying underground sex slave rings on the news or as a story on Lifetime network but Abduction isn't sugar coated for the TV screen it's a raw look at what really goes on. I mean these people don't play around, they even sell the organs from some of the victims they lure there.

These guys search for the perfect specimens for their booming business so that the buyers are all happy customers and will more than likely come back for more. These girls have perfect bodies, and need to be
flawless for their buyers. You might think to yourself as your watching- "How could this all be going down with no consequences." Dirty cops of course!

The head honcho there has a disabled and disturbed son Charlie's (David Sitbon) whose job is to clean up the mess they make so he's like a twisted janitor of sorts but he has one problem that he just can't seem to kick- stealing body parts! Well a guy named Donnie and his friend Sam meet Holly (Jaimee Zapp) and her friend in the bar and they bring the guys back to the house where the get a taste of the sex slaves.

Donnie realizes one of the sex slaves is his friend Bella and decides there has to be some way to get her out of this foul place. He plots out how is going to do it and then confides in Sam who now works there... but can he trust him? Can Donnie manage to save Bella before it's to late? Or will he end up being just another organ donor?


It all starts with a blond girl Izzy standing on the ledge of a bridge arguing with herself on whether to commit suicide or not.The night before she was stabbed and raped by a perverted scumbag in an alley but the seductive beauty Aurelie swoops down and ends Isabel's attacker's life with the swift gouging of her shoes heel to his throat.

Catherine Taylor's flick Temptation is a sultry and seductive vampire tale that will heat up your TV screen
and have you in awe of the Queen vampires beauty even though she is a blood beast! The Moulin Rouge like club of Vampires called Temptation were my favorite parts. I would of loved to have taken a trip to that place with the ragtime music playing while sexy chicks dance- everynight was different

Well now the police defectives are knocking on Izzy's door wanting answers to the questions they have for her about her rapists murder. Now she is on the run with her belly cramping for a fix of that hot metallic tasting blood- if she would accept what she was and give into her hunger she'd be a lot better off. The thought of being a vampire sickens her and she is fighting it.

Will she give in and sick her new fangs into a throbbing vein and begin the life of a creature from the night? Or will she fight it and end up leaping to her death off that tall intimidating London bridge? What would your choice be? Would you like to be a part of her posse of fangs? Could you handle becoming what has always just been a myth to you?

Monday, June 14, 2010


Longshanks the very skilled vampire slayer has followed Giovanni with the intention of slaying him and being done with it already. So after he spots the pale faced vampire - (he looked kind of cool except they
missed putting the white make up all over his neck) they duke it out to the death- both of their deaths and the story begins.

It's the present day where Goth is in- dudes with eyeliner and chicks with freaky alternative hairpieces that I thought were pretty damn cool. I really thought this was going to be a bad one but it's perfectly cheesy and has plenty of big ass boobs in it. What's better to do on a boring Friday night than settle in with a vampre flick to ease the stress of you work week?

Liz is a cute mousy little thing that works at the chicken shack and when she gets off she always meets up with her goth friends and dresses up like them because she's also a closeted freak. They all get together to hold a ritual and see what they can dredge up- it never seemed to work before but guess what, this time will finally be different.

So now Giovanni has been summoned and he takes Melissa as his little plaything since her and Mona became vampires after the ritual. Can these kids manage to defeat the Vampire king by themselves?Or will their friends be gone forever. Maybe some how, some way Longshanks will show up to save the day- it's a movie people you never know!

As seriously trained Military hitman named Jacob Tate has been forced to go on a job by his boss Maliki to
kill off a pretty English teacher Diane. He drives out to her small Southern town and parks in front of her house and gets ready to go in and get the job done. Just when he's about to open the front door to creep in Diane swings the door open.

Poor Diane thinks he is her long lost brother and whips him inside with excitement. Well Mama Pines knows that he ain't the real deal and tells him so. Jacob is thrown into their colorful family and starts doubting if he should go thru with orders. If he does his job he has a chance to go free, and if he doesn't he will be killed.

What willl Tate do? Can he just go in the room one night and blow her brains out or will he try to save her instead. Tate can not understand why someone would want Diane dead. Her husband Preston is a cheating dog who doesn't give a damn about her. Could he be in on it? I mean Christ just get a damn divorce already...

I liked the film but it just seemed a tad slow at times but was very comedic at others. Eric Roberts played his part well as usual and he was almost like a ghost the way he would disappear so fast. So do you think there will be a happy ending to this story here people? Or will Diane's death blood end up splattering her nice homes white walls?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Easter Bunny Kill! Kill!

Chad Ferrin's Easter Bunny Kill Kill has the most awesome drill kill I ever saw- it hit the spot in the ew department. Easter bunnies will never look the same to you ever again, well at least plastic faced ones anyway! I read a few reviews recently on the film and can't believe it had anything negative written about it- C'mon it was twisted, sick and the characters were unforgettable.

Mindy is a single mother who works as a nurse so she can take care of her mentally handicapped son Nicholas who is a overwhelming handful. Years ago Nicholas' father died on Easter so now it's been his favorite holiday. It was the very last time he saw him so I guess he just holds onto it dearly. On Easter
eve Mindy's new boyfriend Remington comes by to meet Nicholas.

Well Rem is a nasty, disgustingly dirty man that is totally repelled when he see's how regressed Nicholas'
behavior really is. Mindy really likes him and tells her son to suck it up and give the man a chance she is unaware of what a sleazy asshole he really is and how he teases and makes fun of Nichols. Remington tells her they should move in together (so he can pick on him) and she agrees.

Well on Easter Mindy has to work and the things that Rem arranges to take place that night are totally hideous and unbelievable. Well a psychotic Easter Bunny turns up and shows all of Nicholas' tormentors a thing or two about pain. I thought the flick was fab and if you want to see some bloody all out goodness that most flicks now a days lack- this one is it!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fraternity Massacre at Hell Island

Mark Jones' new gay horror/ comedy Fraternity Massacre at Hell Island has a bunch of frat brothers from ZAP who can't wait to get their new pledges out to Hell Island so they can terrorize them at their annual Hell Night. But it seems like everytime they have it someone always seems to get hurt and trust me this year will be no different, it'll be even worse!

The obviously mentally ill Dean calls in two of the brothers and proceeds to tell them there is not to be absolutely under any circumstances a Hell Night this year and they basically laugh at him and are going to do it anyway. Josh Jones is one of the pledges and a closet homosexual and his kooky roommate who is obsessed with clowns wants to pledge really bad but he can't and he gets really pissed.

So the boys wait for dark and head out for a night they have planned all year for and they can't wait to get started with freaking out the pledges. Thing is, there is a demented circus looking clown on the island offing whoever he can get his happy little hands on. Who could it be in that clown costume, maybe the Dean because he has finally snapped? Or maybe it's Josh's spited roommate? Or Johnny Brooklyn?

The lowdown here is that you'll see very affectionate gay guys, not enough blood and a desperate naked girl in the shower who was about to get lucky but the cranky clown killed her lucky contender. It's the type of B movie that you would see on something like USA's Up All Nite TV show they used to have on late at night on the weekends.