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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Easter Bunny Kill! Kill!

Chad Ferrin's Easter Bunny Kill Kill has the most awesome drill kill I ever saw- it hit the spot in the ew department. Easter bunnies will never look the same to you ever again, well at least plastic faced ones anyway! I read a few reviews recently on the film and can't believe it had anything negative written about it- C'mon it was twisted, sick and the characters were unforgettable.

Mindy is a single mother who works as a nurse so she can take care of her mentally handicapped son Nicholas who is a overwhelming handful. Years ago Nicholas' father died on Easter so now it's been his favorite holiday. It was the very last time he saw him so I guess he just holds onto it dearly. On Easter
eve Mindy's new boyfriend Remington comes by to meet Nicholas.

Well Rem is a nasty, disgustingly dirty man that is totally repelled when he see's how regressed Nicholas'
behavior really is. Mindy really likes him and tells her son to suck it up and give the man a chance she is unaware of what a sleazy asshole he really is and how he teases and makes fun of Nichols. Remington tells her they should move in together (so he can pick on him) and she agrees.

Well on Easter Mindy has to work and the things that Rem arranges to take place that night are totally hideous and unbelievable. Well a psychotic Easter Bunny turns up and shows all of Nicholas' tormentors a thing or two about pain. I thought the flick was fab and if you want to see some bloody all out goodness that most flicks now a days lack- this one is it!

1 comment:

  1. A horror movie on Easter! Finally! Look and sounds like fun. I'll have to check out someday.