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Monday, June 14, 2010

As seriously trained Military hitman named Jacob Tate has been forced to go on a job by his boss Maliki to
kill off a pretty English teacher Diane. He drives out to her small Southern town and parks in front of her house and gets ready to go in and get the job done. Just when he's about to open the front door to creep in Diane swings the door open.

Poor Diane thinks he is her long lost brother and whips him inside with excitement. Well Mama Pines knows that he ain't the real deal and tells him so. Jacob is thrown into their colorful family and starts doubting if he should go thru with orders. If he does his job he has a chance to go free, and if he doesn't he will be killed.

What willl Tate do? Can he just go in the room one night and blow her brains out or will he try to save her instead. Tate can not understand why someone would want Diane dead. Her husband Preston is a cheating dog who doesn't give a damn about her. Could he be in on it? I mean Christ just get a damn divorce already...

I liked the film but it just seemed a tad slow at times but was very comedic at others. Eric Roberts played his part well as usual and he was almost like a ghost the way he would disappear so fast. So do you think there will be a happy ending to this story here people? Or will Diane's death blood end up splattering her nice homes white walls?

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