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Monday, June 21, 2010


It all starts with a blond girl Izzy standing on the ledge of a bridge arguing with herself on whether to commit suicide or not.The night before she was stabbed and raped by a perverted scumbag in an alley but the seductive beauty Aurelie swoops down and ends Isabel's attacker's life with the swift gouging of her shoes heel to his throat.

Catherine Taylor's flick Temptation is a sultry and seductive vampire tale that will heat up your TV screen
and have you in awe of the Queen vampires beauty even though she is a blood beast! The Moulin Rouge like club of Vampires called Temptation were my favorite parts. I would of loved to have taken a trip to that place with the ragtime music playing while sexy chicks dance- everynight was different

Well now the police defectives are knocking on Izzy's door wanting answers to the questions they have for her about her rapists murder. Now she is on the run with her belly cramping for a fix of that hot metallic tasting blood- if she would accept what she was and give into her hunger she'd be a lot better off. The thought of being a vampire sickens her and she is fighting it.

Will she give in and sick her new fangs into a throbbing vein and begin the life of a creature from the night? Or will she fight it and end up leaping to her death off that tall intimidating London bridge? What would your choice be? Would you like to be a part of her posse of fangs? Could you handle becoming what has always just been a myth to you?

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