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Monday, June 21, 2010


You always hear of all the horrors that happen within those terrifying underground sex slave rings on the news or as a story on Lifetime network but Abduction isn't sugar coated for the TV screen it's a raw look at what really goes on. I mean these people don't play around, they even sell the organs from some of the victims they lure there.

These guys search for the perfect specimens for their booming business so that the buyers are all happy customers and will more than likely come back for more. These girls have perfect bodies, and need to be
flawless for their buyers. You might think to yourself as your watching- "How could this all be going down with no consequences." Dirty cops of course!

The head honcho there has a disabled and disturbed son Charlie's (David Sitbon) whose job is to clean up the mess they make so he's like a twisted janitor of sorts but he has one problem that he just can't seem to kick- stealing body parts! Well a guy named Donnie and his friend Sam meet Holly (Jaimee Zapp) and her friend in the bar and they bring the guys back to the house where the get a taste of the sex slaves.

Donnie realizes one of the sex slaves is his friend Bella and decides there has to be some way to get her out of this foul place. He plots out how is going to do it and then confides in Sam who now works there... but can he trust him? Can Donnie manage to save Bella before it's to late? Or will he end up being just another organ donor?

1 comment:

  1. Alright ANGRY PRINCESS!!

    On behalf of the entire cast & crew of "Abduction", thanks for the review! I'm going to report this on our Facebook & MySpace pages!

    Roberto Lombardi (Johnny from "Abduction")