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Monday, June 14, 2010


Longshanks the very skilled vampire slayer has followed Giovanni with the intention of slaying him and being done with it already. So after he spots the pale faced vampire - (he looked kind of cool except they
missed putting the white make up all over his neck) they duke it out to the death- both of their deaths and the story begins.

It's the present day where Goth is in- dudes with eyeliner and chicks with freaky alternative hairpieces that I thought were pretty damn cool. I really thought this was going to be a bad one but it's perfectly cheesy and has plenty of big ass boobs in it. What's better to do on a boring Friday night than settle in with a vampre flick to ease the stress of you work week?

Liz is a cute mousy little thing that works at the chicken shack and when she gets off she always meets up with her goth friends and dresses up like them because she's also a closeted freak. They all get together to hold a ritual and see what they can dredge up- it never seemed to work before but guess what, this time will finally be different.

So now Giovanni has been summoned and he takes Melissa as his little plaything since her and Mona became vampires after the ritual. Can these kids manage to defeat the Vampire king by themselves?Or will their friends be gone forever. Maybe some how, some way Longshanks will show up to save the day- it's a movie people you never know!

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