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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fraternity Massacre at Hell Island

Mark Jones' new gay horror/ comedy Fraternity Massacre at Hell Island has a bunch of frat brothers from ZAP who can't wait to get their new pledges out to Hell Island so they can terrorize them at their annual Hell Night. But it seems like everytime they have it someone always seems to get hurt and trust me this year will be no different, it'll be even worse!

The obviously mentally ill Dean calls in two of the brothers and proceeds to tell them there is not to be absolutely under any circumstances a Hell Night this year and they basically laugh at him and are going to do it anyway. Josh Jones is one of the pledges and a closet homosexual and his kooky roommate who is obsessed with clowns wants to pledge really bad but he can't and he gets really pissed.

So the boys wait for dark and head out for a night they have planned all year for and they can't wait to get started with freaking out the pledges. Thing is, there is a demented circus looking clown on the island offing whoever he can get his happy little hands on. Who could it be in that clown costume, maybe the Dean because he has finally snapped? Or maybe it's Josh's spited roommate? Or Johnny Brooklyn?

The lowdown here is that you'll see very affectionate gay guys, not enough blood and a desperate naked girl in the shower who was about to get lucky but the cranky clown killed her lucky contender. It's the type of B movie that you would see on something like USA's Up All Nite TV show they used to have on late at night on the weekends.

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