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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Vs. the Dead

Danny Druker and his two friends Dee and Woody are downing beers at the local pizza joint where they annoy the hell out of its owner. They tell him if he gets a tattoo of this skull they drew up, they'll leave and never return to irk the shit out of him- the man couldn't get out of the shop fast enough to hit that parlor!

A deadly virus round 2 ends up in the small Canadian City and at the tattoo shop where patrons will be in for a nasty zombified surprise. So after getting inked up he returns to the shop and looks horrible. Next thing you know there's one groody changing and the pizza shop is covered in body splatter!

Basically most of the film takes place inside the pizza place, it's the whole one infects the next one sort of thing- one bite and you are a goner. Dee is creepy looking in himself so once he gets that virus, he's enough to make your skin crawl. The boys and worker Marcus sit him at a table with a rag around his neck...are you serious?

Is it another independently made zombie flick...yes. Do we really need another one... no! Can you deal with yet another one? If you are into checking out these crazy flesh biters- this is one you'll enjoy with it's tons of blood, crude humor, and some serious fucking epic slayings! I did like how it spread thru getting inked!

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