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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bleading Lady

76 mins

Directed by Ryan Nicholson 
The super sleazy and shocking horror guru Ryan Nicholson is blasting back onto the scene with Bleading Lady. I'll admit it when I see Nicholson's name I get fucking psyched- he has no limits when it comes to film making which I personally find to be a good thing. The same shit over and over tends to bore a person- ya know?
They story here is how Don is absolutely ecstatic to be chauffeuring his all time favorite Scream Queen  Riversa Red back and forth from her new films set to the place where she is staying. Don is very obsessed with her and if anyone so much as bad mouths her he wont hesitate to smash their face repeatedly against a wooden fence. 
He flatters her constantly and treats her like a goddess while loving the fact that she actually pays him attention with a slight friendship. Now this just feeds fuel to his desires of having Miss. Red all to himself. Little by little Don starts to become more violent and starts snapping on the set and downing everyone except Riversa of course.  
I remember reading about it awhile ago when I was doing the news for and thought it sounded like a flick I could really get into. I thought the part where the are walking thru the dirt into the woods where death is sure to consume them was a tad drawn out but maybe it was like that because I am sure time seems slow when you know your gonna die!

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