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Saturday, May 16, 2009

RetarDEAD- out on DVD June 2nd!

RetarDEAD is the follow up to the cult classic movie Monsturd from 4321 films. I didn’t have the pleasure of viewing that one but now I am definitely interested. Here at Butte County Institute of Special Education things are about to get shook up a little bit and everyday routine will be a thing of the past. When you see these sorry excuses for people you just think to yourself, “I know your mommy always told you that you were special but she lied!”

Evil Doctor Stern who created the poop man from the last film is now working on another demented side project that involves injecting the Special Ed students with Algernon 9, it’s a project that will make these feeble minded beings into a freakin genius or hyper intelligent. The only problem is there are some serious side effects like brain swelling, cardiac arrest, tumors, cannibilism- they become zombies!

So now Butte County has the locked up zombies escape and people are becoming infected everywhere and the police are trying to stop the madness. To make matters even worse there is a pervert on the loose you know a real weenie wager who they are calling the masturbator since that is exactly what he is doing while spying on people. Can they catch this perp and stop the zombies as well?

RetarDEAD is not a serious movie at all, you will not be scared by it but you might bust your gut laughing at it! Heidi Martinuzzi from makes as cameo as the cowgirl zombie while my boss at Shannon Lark is a living dead girl. It was fun to sit and watch this and see the girls and the movie will certainly become another classic in the horror community!

3 outta 5 slashes!

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