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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Klagger (short film)

Directed by: Casey Crow

It's rare in this line of work to really come across something special that just stands out and makes
you take notice. The independent film Klagger is that film! Perry shows up at an abandoned industrial
salvage warehouse where he must go in and get all the info from the vehicles for work. He unlocks the chains and slowly ventures inside fighting the dust. He starts to go about his business and decides to snoop in an old office and learns of a violent death that took place there years prior. Suddenly that
soulfully sad song can be heard playing but it's echo bounces off the walls confusing him of where the source of the sound is coming from. He soon finds he is not alone and the terrifying games begin.

The film is currently being made into a feature length version, and my ass will be first in line to view
it. Sometimes people just have a certain knack for getting their vision across loud and clear- Casey
Crow's got some serious skills! Everything meshed in together well from the hauntingly beautiful
tune "Tomorrow I'll Know" from Pat Murphy to the dusty desolate road that leads us to all the fun! I would honestly recommend this to everyone and anyone- I really was impressed with it all- from the plot to the flawless execution of the whole project. Don't miss this opportunity to see what I am speaking of- promise no disappointment to be had.

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