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Friday, June 13, 2014

Silent But Deadly

Release date: Feb 14, 2014
Directed by: Jason Lockhart
94 minutes

Here we have a horror, comedy from Jason Lockhart that touches on the comical and ridiculous
carrying ons that transpire amongst the senior citizens when they reside in a nursing home. I
worked in several different facilities growing up and every trick they pull in here is totally true.
Believe me I have walked in to some fucked up circumstances!

It ranges from their certain little clicks like back in high school, to having sex with every willing
participant they can find! You can't help but fall in love and adore some of these elderly people,
they all have their quirky ways that draw you in and might even remind you of someone you
actually already know.

Rose is dropped of at the Lakeview retirement home by her selfish bitch of a daughter Rachel.
Rachel obviously just doesn't want to be bothered anymore because Rose is as about as alert and
spy as her younger self. She soon learns her room was the scene of a murder from a killer that's on
the loose inside who sports a plastic cat mask.

The maniac has a particularly odd weapon of choice...a pillow! Silent But Deadly is a geriatric who
done it where you try to figure out who the psycho is while sporadically laughing at it's campy great
B movie behaviors. I honestly had fun with it and think if you are in the mood for something straight
up stupid but funny, you've found your mate!

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