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Friday, June 20, 2014

Monster Beach Party A go go

Release Date: 2014
Directed By: Jay Edward
78 Minutes

One night, Two cops cruise slowly down the main road when a little girls stumbles into view like a zombie still clutching her sand pail. Stopping and grabbing the child they realize she is in some short of shock not speaking and in a daze. Sheriff sends frank to check out the beach and see what's going on while he takes the girl to the doctors to get checked out.

The intense stench wafts up his nostril causing to gag as he walks along the beach with only his flashlight. He comes across a huge pile of what looks to be sea weed and crouches in to see what the hell it is. Big mistake. The following morning his fellow officers are picking his dismembered body parts off the beach while trying to figure out what happened to poor Frank.

An all girl band named Veronica's were in town for a show and need to get to their next gig but of course the car breaks down and they are stuck in this stinky, dinky town for the night. The whole film is just ridiculous especially when it turns out there was danger to begin with. Sorry guys just have to let you know this one is not worthy.

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