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Thursday, September 6, 2012


Breaking Glass Pictures
97 Minutes
Directed by: Zack Parker
Released July 31, 2012
Handicap people have all kinds of different affects on society. Some care and feel saddened by their ill fate in life while others are completely appalled or skeeved. Others even seem to get a kick at teasing them and making fun of their disabilities and short comings. Jakob is a harmless man with disabilities that is taken care of his overbearing mother.
Paige takes on a job as a caregiver for Jakob, she at first seems like she is the most sweet genuine woman who enjoys her job helping others. She plays games with him and tenderly takes care of him as any helping hand should. One day she does the most outrageous act and you are left at first with the wonder of why.
You see, Paige noticed bruises on the boys arms and body and is horrified and concerned for his safety. His mother Janice pretends to coddle him where as I think she is secretly annoyed that she is stuck with a handicapped son but yet won't seem to put him in a home for people like him.
The story is told from three separate angles and the acting in the film is totally convincing where you feel like your a fly on the wall watching as this life changing event happens. Could you handle the responsibility of watching out for someone who can't help himself? Would you put yourself in a foul situation to save someone else?

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