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Monday, December 14, 2009

Lost Treasure of the Maya

Release date- December 8, 2009

A group of archaeologists go to the beautiful exotic Yucatan Peninsula in search of a precious exquisite Mayan artifact which is an ancient mask. They go missing and the woman Lauren's sister Sabrina comes there to search for her. She feels guilty for not staying in touch or coming out there to visit her in the five years she has been living there.

Sabrina meets an alcoholic sexist type of guy named Nicholas who is good at finding people and after some annoying instances talks him into helping her. They team up and try their hardest to get a lead on what has happened. Is the team still out there somewhere or are they already dead like Nicholas thinks? Will they ever find out?

Here the bad ass top dog Lester played by one of my favorite actors Mike Madsen is on the look out for that same Mayan mask and will stop at nothing to get it. He tells the guy working for him he better find it fast or else he is history, yup dead and buried he'll be. Lester is still the bad ass on the island and his threats have plenty of weight behind them.

After quite the adventure from dealing with criminals, tripping out with the painted up Mayans, and falling for each other, Sabrina and Nicholas just might find what they are looking for. Or will Lester and his crew get there first and then dispose of them like unwanted trash? Watching this adventure film will be having you thinking of taking a vacation as you look at the mind blowing scenery.

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