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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hooking Up

Release Date- December 8, 2009

How can you not love a movie that's opening line is "Would you ever taste your own cum?" That's just classic. This movie was funny and had a bunch of quirky addicting characters. April was this teenager who loved to give head and does so to three guys one right after the other at a party. It makes you remember all those crazy experimental days back in the day.

These teens are sex crazy and I know your thinking, what kid isn't but damn they did way the hell more than I even had knowledge of at that age. Corey Feldman stars as Ryan the older guy who dates Caroline who unfortunately is in love with him. He is just using her for sex and amusement for his friends. He will be breaking her heart in no time.

Dickhead Ryan reminded me of my first serious boyfriend...yuck! No one wants to remember their first relationship where they were all naive thinking they were in love and they would be with that person
forever. This movie is like a twentieth century Fast Times at Ridgemont High with way more sex and double the shenanigans.

Can't anyone in this movie keep their pants on? If you are in your teens you might learn a thing or two about what it's like to go thru that sexual peak and survive! Hooking Up is a trip you definitely wanna take if you get the chance, it's something you won't forget for a long time and I guarantee you'll either try convince your friends to watch it or you'll being telling someone about something you saw in it!