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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Speed Dating

Release date- January 19, 2010

James Van Der Bexton is headed for the big 30 and since he lost his true love about two years ago and is having no luck with the women he tries speed dating. At first he keeps lying to all of the women he meets telling them he works for some elite company. It just seems like he isn't really putting his all into finding someone to get serious with.

Then James sees a beautiful girl in a bar who he finds out her name is Victoria and decides to watch her and learn what he can about her so he climbs up on the roof of the building next to hers and spys on her. Victoria spots him and he falls off the building and runs away only to get hit by a car. He ends up in the hospital with amnesia.

His nurse Susan decides to help him remember the bits and pieces of his life so he can be at peace, it's driving him crazy. So they look for clues at the speed dating place he was going to a lot before his accident. As he goes about meeting different women, he looks over and sees Susan enjoying herself with one of the men and it really hits him how much he is into her.

Will James ever get his memory back so he can figure out his past and future? He is participating in a sting operation and his ex shows up tickling his feelings for her back into motion. Will he pick her over Susan? Or will James lose both of them and be stuck hanging out at the bar by himself and hitting up those speed dating services?

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