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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Let me tell you what, Cash is one big bad mother who most men don't stand a chance against. Well Cash has gotten out of the slammer and he is dead set on revenge with Hector Gonzales. Hector murdered his wife over ten years ago and he has been waiting that long to get a piece of that son of a bitch and he won't rest till he does.

Cash sets out looking for old Hector and slaughters everything in his path that has anything to do with that Hector. He is like a hound dog on the trail, with the strong scent of the one man he hates with a passion. There will be no rest for this man until he gets what he wants. You watch and see the one man who seems to be the most dreaded vigalanti that these men have ever known.

Everyone around town is looking for Cash and the orders are to get his ass, but alive. Alive so they can torture him slow and hard until he caves like a little bitch, but even if he was caught I highly doubt he would do anything sissy like...ever! He shows up at the warehouse ready to interrogate all of Hectors henchmen until he gets the info he wants.

Even though this man is like a mass murderer and he should repulse you, you can't help but root on each and every kill he makes. He is avenging his wife'smurder so you can kind of put off the disgust of the bloody trail. Will cash get the man he wants? Or will he be captured and tortured instead? You'll never know if you don't watch-cause I'm not telling!

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