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Sunday, October 21, 2012


Release Date: November 20, 2012
74 minutes
Directed by: Tim Cowles
Becca decides she needs a change of pace with her career and takes up the new job of selling sex toys and she is determined to make it work. Her and a few friends are all set for a sexy photo shoot to lure in the customers so they have sexy models and big ideas. Hey, a girl's gotta make a living and we sure as hell don't live in the stone ages anymore!
So they are doing a sexy shoot with a bitchy chick named ruby and one perky blond Aqua- the men watching will love the results. Becca is packed and out the door after an argument with her lover and heads off to her very first show...alone. First mistake in her new business venture that leaves her a crying mess running from the scene.
A person who has found her on the Internet starts adding her friends and it seems that if you accept his invite, you end up slashed! Is there a motive behind his madness? Could it be Becca's beau John? Or maybe a jealous friend? Well who ever he is, he sends her a video of him torturing and killing an on-line friend, then soon he turns to her closer ones...
Backslasher is a movie that has hot girls posing provocatively, sex, and chase scene at the end that reminds you a little of Prom Night but not nearly as long or quite as intense. Will Becca escape the grips of the Backslasher? Or will she be the next one to receive the slitting of the throat?

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