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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

From Beneath

Release date: August 10. 2012
Directed By: David Doucette
Nothing like heading out with your main squeeze for a little down time at her sisters very secluded farm, to bad they didn't get a flat or somehow been deterred from going in the first place because now things are about to get seriously fucked up. Jason seems a little uptight from the get go, maybe he is foreseeing his own future?

Sam is very excited to see her sister and is a little upset when they arrive and no one is to be found. They decide to take a look around and since it is blazing hot out, they strip down to their skivvies and jump into the pond to cool off. It looks like Jason might get lucky until he is bitten by a leech.
Sam helps him hobble back to her sisters where he lays down and tries to rest. Suddenly that little leech lick starts turning into a gooey, bloody mess! Hours pass and still no sign of the sister and her family. Where the hell could they be? I mean why wouldn't they be there to greet her when she arrived?
Jason is now sick and in dire need of a hospital, doctor...something! Time in running out for them- Jason is losing his grip on reality and Sam just might pay the price. Do you think this couple will survive the ordeal? Can Jason even rid himself of the virus that has taken him over maybe he should just admit his defeat?

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