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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Bucks County Massacre

Release Date: September 25, 2012
84 Minutes
Directed by: Jason Sherman
Brain Damage Films
They're having a huge kegger party and the only way your invited is to view the found footage of the bash that was thrown for their good friend Will's 25th birthday. The house is packed, the booze is flowing and the hot girls are getting all tipsy so maybe so guy might get lucky? Or maybe not...
So their out at this really remote house in Bucks County, Pennsylvania where the road in was plain dirt and they had to pass thru this really cool- yet creepy covered bridge that I sure as hell wouldn't wanna walk thru on my own at night! They are happily video taping the whole thing as a keepsake for their friend.

So Melissa needs to use her phone and her drunken ass heads outside -no one sees her again, she's officially missing. The cops arrive and it's the standard reply- she's an adult and they can't consider her missing until so many hours have passed. Her boyfriend ain't having that shit, so he busts a rifle out and is on the hunt.
Ok, I had a blast with watching this one, but I was looking some info up and it said Vampire....I honestly didn't surmise the villian as being this- if I had to guess I would of said cannibal or maybe some freak on Bath salts? Is it worth a watch you ask? Hell freakin yeah!

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