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Monday, November 19, 2012

After the Dawn (International Title: Discursion)

Release Date- September 25,
88 Minutes
Directed by: Mitchel A. Jones
I hate being alone and I know there are plenty of other people out there that feel the same exact sucks. Mitchel A. Jone's After the Dawn solidly portrays being isolated on Earth after there was a nasty warfare born chemical attack leaving very few survivors. I would go stir crazy with no one to talk too!

Cassie Becker, a young woman is fighting for survival and the few humans out there have been effected by the attack and have the urge to rip you to shreds- and eat you! She has been wandering aimlessly around for about 6 months when she stumbles across a younger boy named Jake.

The travel together looking for other signs of life and means to survive for their harrowing time left on earth. Jake is extremely withdrawn and hardly speaks a word if anything at all. Maybe he is just traumatized from this horrific event? Or maybe there is something just plain wrong with him...

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