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Saturday, April 10, 2010


How far are you willing to go for fame? Would you lie, cheat, steal, connive, manipulate and wreck the lives around you without a care in the world? Well that exactly what Shawn Boyd does when he pretends to be the relative of a big Hollywood producer's Derrick's good friend from college Mitch. He stays as a guest at the home that Derrick shares with his mate an co-producer Collin.

Collin is far from thrilled at having a young guy in the house since he is trying to get over that Derrick was unfaithful and had an affair before and he is worried that temptation might just kill their relationship. So these two men have no idea that Sean is really an ex-con who once worked for the show but was fired because he was overweight and not attractive enough.

Shawn wants a part in their new soon to be hit series so at first he tries to kill them with kindness but when he gets no results, he starts to work his way throught their tight knit group of gay guys and seduces anyone that will fall for it and guess what some of them actually do. Shawn calls home to his girlfriend and has her asking him if he is now gay- he swears no but you see all that action he's getting.

Shawn's game is wearing thin and Colin is starting to catch onto his sneaky antics and decides he is not going to sit around and take it, he's going to get the little bastard back. So all the boys devise a plan and set it in motion. So if everything goes according to plan revenge will be granted- and oh yeah, Shawn will become a legend on film all right!

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