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Saturday, April 10, 2010


Now a lot of people, some reviewers included don't give indie films much credit sometime's and if they turn it on and it doesn't have that standard Hollywood look and feel they don't really give it a heart felt chance. Sympathy will up the anti with the viewer and amaze them at how this movie mainly takes place in only one setting- a grimy hotel room and still remain intense.

A skinny guy in a vest named Trip has a hostage, this frizzy haired girl in handcuffs that he has obviously kidnapped for whatever reason and she looks like she was taken thru the wringer on the way there. Her name is Sara and she has no clue of the reason she was taken or if there was even a reason in the first place. All she knows is she is now handcuffed to a bed in the motel room

Soon Trip realizes he has his hands full with Sara since she is a feisty little chick who has you wondering what's going on in that mind of hers. Trip leaves to go get something to eat and when he gets back to the room and steps inside he is greeted by an escaped convict named Dennis who decides he's gonna be running the show and he is one sick puppy.

Now watching the film you know that something is off with Sara, she seems to be hiding something. One minute she is scared and begging for her life and then the next minute you can see she has a really mean streak running thru her veins. There is a three way race for power in this film with each trying to out smart the next...but will anyone win?

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