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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Charles Band Presents- FilmGore

Directed by Ken Dixon
Release date- 2011
A fangtastic slimy bloody collection of film clips from several of the most violent horror films ever made. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Driller killers, Blood Feast and Sadistic Slashers are just a few of the grindhouse flicks contained in this mural of mushy innards and bodily fluids!

Now Elvira Hosts and her constant witty comments make the whole damn thing worth while, but can get a lilttle annoying. The first film on the agenda was Blood Feast and it really skeeved me out. Watching that crazy eyed man squeeze bloody organs thru his fingers truly was nauseating- I might of just had a weak stomach moment.
It showed the prime clips from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and let me tell you- I still twitch seeing Pam being hung from that rusty meat hook, but it's all been seen before by almost ever horror fan out there.. Some of the other titles that share up some clips are a bit dark or grainy but you can handle a trooper!
Two Thousand Maniacs, Carnival of Blood, Dr. Jekyll’s Dungeon of Death, Snuff, Drive In Massacre pretty much rounds up the grindhouse roost that they plucked out for you. Some will have you rolling your eyes while others might spark up a memory or two of when you very first saw it.

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