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Wednesday, September 14, 2011



Faye Jackson's debut film Strigoli was filmed in several different locations in Romania and has a beautiful yet dreary atmosphere. A guy named Vlad gets a case of the curiosity kills the cat syndrome and starts to search for answers to a very mysterious death in his grandpa's little village.
Things just don't seem to be adding up, yet no one around him seems to give a shit. Could it be that they were somehow involved or perhaps they know something he does not? You can tell by watching that there is certainly a big secret being hidden but what the hell could it be and how does everyone know but him?

Vlad starts questioning different people in the village until he comes across Mr. Constantin Tirescu who seems to have a sudden problem with filling his severe hunger. His wife walks into a neighbors house and eats her out of house and home while trying to soothe her rumbling tummy- but food will not fill them anymore.
Is this feud really because of who actually owns the land? I mean the deeds and papers were either forged or his grandfather lied and sold the land behind their backs. Could he do something like that to his own family? You'll soon find that Constantine isn't the only one around craving some warm blood!

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