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Monday, September 27, 2010

Cat City

Cat City is filled with back stabbers, cheating spouses, dirty politicians (what's new) and tons of cash that all of them are fighting for. Victoria has a sneaking suspicion that her husband Nick is having
an affair so she hires a private investigator to give her proof of him indulging in some of his sexual extracurricular activities.

Harold the PI calls and tells her he got the goods and she breaks down crying as she drives
home. When she gets there Nick tells her that they are having company for dinner and that the guest named Jonas will be staying there for a week or so. The next day Nick leaves for a business meeting in Vegas where he is confronted angrily by the shady politician.

It's a story that has been told many times before, so it's not like there was anything new or spectacular to blow you away but it wasn't something where you wanted to fast forward the DVD or just take it
out and throw it across the room. But it's also not something you would call your buds up with and say how they gotta see it. 

Will Victoria divorce her philandering husband or will she just forgive him and pretend it never
happened? Will Nick survive the wraith of all the business partners he had get involved in his new casino project that went up in smoke and they all lost their investment money- which they'll never get back? Poor Nick, he should should of been a lot smarter about his costly actions.

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