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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rag Tag

Two little boys named Raymond and Tagbo met when they were just eight years old and even though their backgrounds are totally different they bond immediately - Raymond is from a single parent and Tagbo is from middle class Nigerian parents who seem to be seriously strict and manners are a must in their household-  they are raising their son properly.

So they are torn apart as children and then meet up again ten years down the line.Tag just finished up law school and is realizing how hard it is to find a position in someone's firm. Tag's white girlfriend who has a truck driver mouth like myself is disliked by Tag's parents so much they don't even want he in their home let alone near their son.

Rag and Tag are invited out to Nigeria for Olisa's Chieftaincy ceremony and they partake in the ceremony. Rag decides he must try to save Tag from Olisa's shady character and is determined to do so. After the party Tag helps Rag nurse his wounds and the next thing you know they are kissing. Tag pulls away and seems confused.

Can these two figure out their feelings for each other and decide to be friends or lovers? Could they be both? It's just not that easy since there are so many innocent people involved including significant others and Rag's daughter. The film was a tad slow for my taste but the story wasn't so bad. It's sad that people have to hide their feelings for each other because of prejudice.

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