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Sunday, August 15, 2010


BrainJacked starts out with a bloody bang since the head ripping scene has you sickly craving what else is in store for you! Tristan has a life of shit and suffers from crippling migraines. His mom is a skanked out mess who is passed around like a piece of meat to all of his new stepfathers friends. Imagine walking out into a room of guys using and abusing your mama, what would you do?

You'd pop someone in the face and get kicked out ending up on a park bench that's what. There he meets Lanie and she takes him to a place where they all are talking about being given the gift. They are like a cult but this Doctor drills into their brain and adds a device that allows him to control their every move when the feeling hits him without them even knowing it.

During a fight Tristan has this thing come out of his head and starts to realize what is really going on and
grabs Lanie telling her they need to head somewhere safe and figure things out. After he proves to her that what he is saying is really happening they steal the good old doctor's briefcase and hightail it the hell out of there.

Tristan removes Lanie's device and they try to get help but it seems that everyone they turn too has already been drilled and under the evil Doctor's control. Can these two manage to somehow survive thru this harrowing ordeal? Or will the effects from this doc's cruel experiments cause an outcome that will scar poor Tristan's mind forever?

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